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Cuba Asks Washington to Lift Commercial Restrictions
“Why does the US government insist on the pretext of making an “in situ” inspection, when ample and clear information on the serious damage caused by the Hurricanes in Cuba has been broadcast?”, reads an official statement issued Thursday by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, that stressed that Cuba does not need the assistance of a humanitarian evaluation team because there are well-trained experts in Cuba who can do that.

The statement emphasizes that if the US government is really willing to help, it should allow American companies to sell materials to repair the roofs, houses and electrical systems that were severely damaged by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry also asked the American government to allow the companies in that country to grant private commercial credit to Cuba to buy food in the US.

“Why does the US government refuse to allow Cuba to buy the materials to repair houses, make roof tiles or components to re-establish the electrical networks?” asks the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

“Why does it forbid American companies and their offices in other countries to offer Cuba private credit to buy food, which is indispensable to feed the people affected and restore the food reserves of the country for other emergency situations?

“These are the questions that the US government should answer,” says the note.

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