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In Cuba Tradition ceremony and religious manifestation linked with the Virgen de Regla
Starting from an approach to the religion, faith, and the transculturation, the exhibition will be inaugurated in the gallery of the Public Library Ruben Martinez Villena, in the Cuban capital.

Art and poetry come together in this photographic rehearsal, where the experienced lenses of Roberto Salas captured in 1961, the deep-rooted traditions of a town that worships its virgin and its day.

In the exhibition the artist gives testimony of the context of the first years of the Revolution from an approach to the religion, faith, and legend rich in expressions of the deepest Cuban feelings.

According to Luis Pedroso, specialist of Regla Museum, the exhibition represents a remarkable contribution to the history of photography in Cuba, not only in the ethnographic aspect, as well as in the artistic creation.

On the other hand, Salas admits that it would be impossible to remember the motives that took him to Regla in September 1961, but among these he highlights curiosity and that desire for

unraveling the mythical features in the spirituality of the orisha beliefs half-hidden around that time, not for being forbidden but rather socially underrated.


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