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National Theater Festival in Camagüey Province of Cuba
Actors and actresses, directors and designers will gather together to review the work done and reflect on the development of performing arts in today’s Cuba. Invited personalities include, among others, actress Aurora Basnuevo and actors Vicente Revuelta, Mario Balmaseda, Mario Limonta and Jose Milian.

Camagüey residents will enjoy presentations by theater groups, including ´Estudios Buen Día’, ‘Nueva Línea’, ‘Teatro de las Estaciones’, the ‘Rita Montaner’ group, ‘Teatro D`Dos’, ‘Argos Teatro’, ‘Pálpito’ and ‘El Ciervo Encantado’.

The central Cuban region will be represented by the groups ‘El Mejunje’, ‘Polichinela’, ‘Teatro del Viento’, ‘Retablo’, ‘Paquelé’ and ‘Espacio Interior.’

The theater groups ´Guiñol de Guantánamo,’ ‘Teatro Alas’ and ‘La Guerrilla de Teatreros’ will also participate in the festival, representing the eastern region.

Besides the works in competition, Camagüey residents will enjoy presentations by several invited groups. The event’s program also includes the presentation and sales of magazines and books on theater. There will also be several collateral activities including tributes to theater personalities, exhitions and seminars.


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