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 Las Tunas Cuba Propitiates More Consumption of Vegetables and Condiments
The sowed area surpasses by 12 percent that planted in similar previous stage. It should help to increase the population's alimentary self-sufficiency, in front of the irrational use of agricultural products to obtain fuels, promoted by United States, the rise in the price of the provisions in the world market, and before the effects of the long tasting and genocidist blockade against Cuba.

According to the Juventud Rebelde website, last year the National System of Urban Agriculture produced more than 1, 400, 000 tons of vegetables and fresh condiments, movement that since its creation, in 1997, has improved in organization and efficiency.

This kind of agriculture has 28 routines in those 169 municipalities of the country and has helped to improve the alimentary culture of the Cubans who consume spinach, radish, carrot, eggplant and among other vegetables.

In Cuba, the System of Urban Agriculture counts on more than 300, 000 people, mainly youths and women, who have transformed about five thousand garbage dump into productive kitchen gardens.


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