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Production of Honey Increases in Las Tunas Cuba
Besides that figure, superior to the one obtained in similar previous stage, there are also advances in the obtaining of wax, propoleos and pollen that, as the honey, possess numerous nutritional and healing properties, reason why they have a growing demand in the international market.

The same as in other areas of Cuba, the beekeeping suffered sensitive losses in Las Tunas, due to the heavy rains last year in full flowering period, and because of the subsequent drought, endemic phenomenon of this province, the less rainy in the Caribbean archipelago.

In the eight municipalities of the territory more than 300 men and women work in this sector to increase the productions in a sustainable way.

Cuba is rich in melliferous floram. It markets products of high quality and for that reason it intends to increase the productivity of the colonies of bees, which procuce more than 10, 000 tons of honey per year.


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