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Cuba Increases the TV Rooms in the Rural Areas
Beyond this appreciation of Rafael Ángel González, the official in charge of this project in Las Tunas, the truth is that without these modern facilities ( 241 in that province), things would be different in many country communities.

Able to make use of solar energy to power TV sets, video recorders and other media, the national network has been essential to give the opportunity to thousand of peoples to see the Olympic Games in Beijing and the performance of the Cuban athletes first hand.

But facilities like the one in Rinconcito (the first one built on that province), the one in Quinta-2 or that in Bejuco do not base their powerful appeal only in what they get through the small screen. The ability to domestically organize a varied screening program, in keeping with the likes of the neighbors and the talent and ability of their executives explains why after seven years these TV rooms have not lost the popularity or their charm.

Epicenter of the community, they become the scene of the most friendly games of dominoes, chess, checkers and other table games; the place where the hand of the rehab specialist ease muscular aches or bone pain, where the children read book o play some dramatic character, women weave typical item made of yarey and other natural fibers, and alders try to recover "all the amusement time they lost" when there was not a single TV set let alone a cinema in miles around.

Is not just coincidence that despite being in remote places and having a daily use these TV rooms remain in good shape and even more beautiful in many cases.

The reason is very simple: besides identify themselves with these facilities, the people of these areas feel them as they are really theirs.

That is why in Bejuco they will talk for years about that collective wedding, in which the comfortable TV room became a "wedding palace" for the six couples who legalized their marriages there, included Segundo Acosta and Belquis Bazalo, to whom love has kept together for more than 40 years.


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