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Puerto Principe City, that is, Camaguey is getting ready for the National Festival of Theater. This city will be headquarters from 12-21 where homage will be paid to Raquel and Vicente Revuelta. This year’s festival will be dedicated to the 50 years of Estudio Theater.   

An emblematic moment in the history of Cuban drama will receive the homage of scenic artists in the celebration of the 60 years of the premiere of Electra Garrigo, mayor play of maestro Virgilio Piñera.   

As in previous summoning, a space will be devoted to the reflection and exchange of ideas, concentrated in two forums. One of the forums will focus on drama, direction, and scenic performance while the other will approach the process of vanguard, the renovation and modernity in Cuban theater.   

The event will include besides exhibitions the screening of documentary films and a sample of theater in television. The encounter of scenic arts investigators will approach the history and work of exceptional personalities of our culture.   

Great importance will be given - due to the transcendence attained within the contemporary Cuban theater- to theater for children and youth. The event will be devoted to reflect and assess the presence of the marionette in the scene of Matanzas, a province that outstands for its artistic values and the touch of a poetic of legitimate universal span.   

Camaguey and its people will bring once again on stage the elite of Cuban theater with the participation of groups coming from different provinces and the Cuban capital in a contest that outstands for the maturity reached in the last years. This maturity has become a referent to appraise the intensity, validity, as well as the contradictions present in the drama and the artistic groups with their various plays. 

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