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Panama Waiting for Posadas Extradition Request to Start Process
Lewis Navarro's statements were published by the Critica daily, which is one of the largest publications in the country, Granma reported.

The Panamanian Vice President told the newspaper that the Judicial Body has not issued the petition and emphasized that the foreign ministry needs a request to be able to bring the criminal back to Panama.

However, Lewis Navarro stressed that once the procedure is carried out, the government will demand the extradition of Posada and his accomplices, who were pardoned by former president Mireya Moscoso, in August 2004.

A few months ago, Panama's Supreme Court of Justice ruled out the pardoning, reads Critica’s article.

“He must be returned to Panama to serve his sentence, for threatening the lives of so many people, trying to attempt against the life of Cuban former president, Fidel Castro, during the Latin American Summit in 2000,” says the daily.

According to observers, Miami-based Posada's supporters will try to meddle in the legal process, states the daily and adds that Rogelio Cruz, Posada Carriles's lawyer in Panama, told the local press that carrying 30 kilos of C4 to blow up a theater is not a crime, but a a political offense.

Posada's long criminal record includes his participation in the in-mid-air blowing of a Cuban aircraft in 1976 that took the lives of all 73 people on board. Among passengers were a delegation of Cuban fencers who were flying back home from a successful performance in a continental tournament in Venezuela.


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