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In Havana: The program for the 50 anniversary of ICAIC has been presented
The size of the tasks and actions to carry forward, explain the time in advance – almost eight months – with which the Cinema Institute has presented to the press everything they are going to do to celebrate the five decades, “working and producing more than before”, according to the words of its president, Omar Gonzales.

As it is known, the ICAIC was the first cultural institution, created by the revolution in 1959 and during these fruitful years gave the island an authentic national cinematography, without diminishing other contributions and achievements in the artistic cultural field, such as music and design, among many others.

However, the work of the Institute has been oriented above all, to the cinematographic production, distribution, promotion and preservation. The screening of the cinema in Cuba, although methodologically oriented by the ICAIC, is a task of provincial companies, known as Centros Provinciales de Cine (Provincial Cinema Centres).

The production that is coming

In the cinematographic production, the main objective of the activity is in the premiere of 15 movies between now and the end of the year. The movies, in different production stages – some of them almost finished, other in post – production, and so on – cover a wide thematic spectrum, some of them directed by veteran directors, some others by young ones and there are also some first works.

The current situation, as well as perspective for the rest of the year 2008, in the cinematographic production of movies is the follow:

El Viajero Inmóvil, Tomás Piard. Estrenado.
Personal Belongins, Alejandro Brugués. Estrenado.
Los siete contra Tebas, Enrique Álvarez. Terminado
Kangamba, Rogelio París. In post - producción.
Los dioses rotos, Ernesto Daranas. In post - producción.
El cuerno de la abundancia, Juan Carlos Tabío. In post - producción.
Omertá, Pavel Giroud. In post - producción.
Anunciación, Enrique Pineda Barnet. In post - producción.
Ciudad en rojo, Rebeca Chávez. In post - producción.
El premio flaco, Juan Carlos Cremata. In post - producción.
Liz, Enrique Álvarez. In post - producción.
Larga distancia, Esteban G. Insausti. In shooting process.
La piscina (Provisional title), Carlos Machado. In preparation or shooting.
Infancia y adolescencia de José Martí (Provisional title), Fernando Pérez. In preparation or shooting .
Lisanka (Provisional title), Daniel Díaz Torres. In preparation.
Casal (Provisional title), Jorge Luis Sánchez. In preparation.
Sumbe (Provisional title), Eduardo Moya. In preparation.

The following provisional titles are in preparation and the shooting might start in 2009:

La emboscada, Alejandro Gil.
Leontina, Rudy Mora.
La casa grande, Lester Hamlet.
El Mayor, Rigoberto López.
Boleto al paraíso, Gerardo Chijona.
Un pequeño lugar, Pavel Giroud.
Accidente, Tomás Piard.
Fábula de un amor feliz, Lester Hamlet.
En un lugar del baile y el tiempo, Jorge Gómez
Sofía, Enrique Álvarez.
Peter Pan Kids, Arturo Sotto.
El rimel en la pestaña, Marina Ochoa.
Amores prohibidos, Enrique Pineda Barnet, Juan Carlos Tabío, Jorge Luis Sánchez, Fernando Pérez y Juan Carlos Cremata.
Vestido de novia, Marilyn Solaya.
Silicona, Arturo Santana.

The production of documentaries in the second semester of the year and in 2009 is also a great effort by the ICAIC:

Che, Tristán Bauer. Finished.
Volveré y seré millones, Jorge Fuentes. Finished.
Bretón es un bebé, Arturo Sotto. Finished.
Destinos, Guillermo Centeno. Finished.
Jazz, Pavel Giroud (serie). Finished.
Feeling, Rebeca Chávez (serie). Finished.
Música culta y religiosa, Patricia Ramos (serie). Finished.
Él, ustedes, nosotros, Lester Hamlet. Finished.
Una niña, una escuela, Alejandro Ramírez. Finished.
Allende, Annia Ortega, Post - production.
Una historia en blanco y negro, Gloria Argüelles. Post - production.
La casa del poeta, Jorge de León. Post - production.
Serie Benny Moré (14 chapters), Jorge Luis Sánchez. Post - production.
Del amor y los muertos, Guillermo Centeno. Post - production.
Música para vivir, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. Post - production.
Pastores por la paz, Consuelo Elba. Preparation.
La fusión, Arturo Sotto. Preparation.
Víctor Mesa, Ismael Perdomo. Preparation.
El látigo, Rufo Caballero. Preparation.
50 Aniversario del Triunfo de la Revolución, Ismael Perdomo. Preparation.
Historias sobre un amor no contado, Mayra Irene Álvarez. Preparation.
La bella durmiente del bosque, Luis Ernesto Doñas. Preparation.
Alicia y el ballet (5 chapters), Lourdes de los Santos. Preparation.
Engaño, Enrique Álvarez, Preparation.
Todo Sergio, Luisa Marisy. Preparation.
Sandinismo, Isabel Santos y Rafael Solís. Preparation.

As in the case of the movies, the documentaries already present a favourable situation for the year 2009. These are some of the projects that are in preparation and possible shooting in the coming year. The provisional titles are:

Peter Pan, Marina Ochoa.
Pacho Alonso, Manuel Jorge.
Fernando Alonso, Gloria Argüelles.
Pedro Pablo Oliva, Lourdes de los Santos.
Entre cubanos, Miguel Torres.
Mitades dispersas, Rolando Almirante.

On the other hand, the Videoteca Contracorriente, a big ICAIC project which main aim is the documentary preservation of the contemporary action and thinking figures, has 10 finished titles this year and another 17 will be in post – production.

Last, a documentary project of commemoration character will be made that reflects the most significant moments of the 50 years of the Cuban cinema. Its premiere will be held on the celebration day, the 24 of March 2009.

The production of the Animation Studios.

The ICAIC animation studios will premiere during the II semester of 2008 a total of 24 titles, adding all of them together will be 145 minutes. Among the most important ones are the 8 chapter series, Pubertad, made by the producer Ernesto Piña and based in a story by Mariela Castro; five chapters of E Capitan Plin, bv Jorge Oliver and the continuation of the already known series Fernanda by Mario Rivas and El negrito Cimarron by Tulio Raggi.

Other premieres are El agradecimiento del jíbaro, by Alexander Rodríguez; Historia del papel, by Mario Rivas and 20 años, by Bárbaro Ortiz, as well as twelve video clips of children songs of the competition Cantándole al Sol.

A special mention deserves the multimedia made by the studios. The work Cantar y colorear already exists and they are working in the Multimedia Fernanda. Next year will be made Pubertad and El Capitan Plin. As every year, Abril Publishing House will present in the Book Fair the book Cantar y colorear, dedicated to the smaller members of the family.

Forty five titles will be finished during 2008, with a total time of over 450 minutes, a record in the production of cartoons in our country.

In 2009 they will continue they work in the mentioned series, as well as making Alicia y el bosque, by Tony Nodarse; Fauna Cubana: El perro, by Elisa Rivas; El viejo leñador, by Mario Rivas and new children video clips. Next year will start the production of the animated version of the movie Meñique, made by the director Ernesto Padron, the first 3D movie made in Cuba, which will have the music of Silvio Rodriguez.

Preservation of the movie memory.

A number of actions linked to the preservation of the national movie memory are one of the Basic objectives of the program for the 50 anniversary. Among those actions are the fitting, air conditioning and equipping of the vaults of the Movie Archive, as well as the restoration and digitalization of Cuban movies that are declared patrimony. A special place is occupied by the 1493 numbers of the Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano, nominee to be part of the UNESCO World Memory and which declaration as such is awaited to occur in the first month of 2009.


The Institute prepares next year several events, some of them are theoretical, linked to the mark and perspective of the Cuban cinema. As one of them, they are working in the design of an international symposium to value the cultural results obtained by the ICAIC in the Latin American cinematography in these 50years.

Several events and meetings will also be held in cultural centres, universities and so on. These events will call critics, specialists and experts, to analyse and discuss not only the trajectory of the Cuban cinema, but to create a critical vision that allow defining the future projection and the role of the ICAIC in the coming years.

The program also consider the execution of a great exhibition with different graphic expressions, such as posters, photos, publications, a demonstration of what has been done by the Institute in these fifty years.

Cuban plastic artist will have their own space, especially those who have had a close collaboration relations with ICAIC, in a great exhibition that will collect a representation of their work.

Other activities.

ICAIC will offer a cinema exhibition consisting of 50 international movies, showed along the same number of years. This exhibition will be held in the month of January – March 2009. The exhibition will be a representation of the diversification will of access and increase of the quality of the exhibited movies, as part of the second main original objective of ICAIC: the education of a participative and prepared public.

This effort will reach different universities, cultural and scientific entities and Cinema Provincial Centres, where will be screened movies of great international impact, as well as the best of the Cuban cinema of the last fifty years and of the pre – revolutionary period.

Honour to who honour deserve.

Last, they will program and facilitate commemorative activities, tributes and recognition - not only on a national level, through the Cinema Provincial Centres and other institutions -, bit also on an international level. These recognitions will be mainly made in festivals and events that have expressed their will to pay tribute to the contribution and encouragement the Cuban cinema has, undoubtedly, made on the our country and on other countries of the region and of the world.

(Boletín Digital ICAIC)


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