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Cuba Near 80 Sugar Cane Derivatives
Godefroy was interview on the October International event on sugar and derivatives.

He said production recovery accompanies reactivation of plants to process by-products, in line with national diversification that also involves expanding livestock.

Among the latest productions he mentioned glucose, fructose, efforts to produce sorbitol (sweetener), carbon dioxide and studies to set other derivative plants in motion, like those of furfural and furfuryl alcohol.

Meanwhile, four distilleries are revamped and upgraded and sugar production is diversified seeking larger value added.

Efficiency has provided the industry additional volumes of bagasse (sugar cane fiber) to produce electricity and resume, among other, chipwood production.

Also on the agenda is enhancing forage production by setting in motion several torula yeast plants in a line of nutrients developed from sugar cane.

Godefroy finally announced a new plant to produce Fitomas, a natural product that stimulates yields in sugar cane and other crops, which is slated to open in September in Havana.


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