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In the Cuban provinces  Urban Ag Surpasses Vegetable Crop
After a tour throughout the country, the National Group of this task agreed to recognize the Cuban provinces of Pinar del Rio, Sancti Spiritus, Santiago de Cuba, Havana City and Granma for their integral results.

The labor developed in those territories within this movement, made up of 28 sub-programs, was termed good, but Holguin got regular due to faults in the economic sustainability of some urban farms and deficiency in several neighborhood people's councils.

Semi-protected crop units in Horquita (Cienfuegos); Remedios, Placetas and Yabu (Villa Clara); Trinidad and Cabaiguan (Sancti Spiritus); Yara and Niquero (Granma); Colon (Matanzas), and San Cristobal (Pinar del Rio) were also congratulated.


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