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Cuba transforms to Varadero to improve it

Alfredo Cabrera told Prensa Latina the project includes dumping 219,656 cubic feet of sand on 4.3 miles of shore.

Cabrera, director of Varadero coastal integrated management, and office attached to the CITMA, said that from August to October, over 150,439,77 cubic feet of sand would be dumped on 3 miles of shore, completing the regeneration program in 2009.

Cabrera said the plan entails regenerating the beach dunes for the best functioning of the resort, increasing its space and capacity for tourists.

The program emerged as a need to counteract growing erosion problems on our shores, mainly those used by the Island's best beach resorts.

Cabrera recalled that over 35 million cubic feet of sand were dumped on Varadero's shore in 1998, and ten years later the shore's width and height have decreased in some critical sectors, thus they decided to start the project.


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