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Cuban childrens theatre company La Colmenita Triumphs in Russia
The Cuban children’s theatre company “La Colmenita” put on a successful performance at the recently concluded Tenth World Children’s Theatre Festival, held in Moscow, Russia, from July 17 to 25.

From the opening night, the local press spoke about the excellence of the children’s company led by Carlos Alberto Cremata, which was warmly welcomed by the public with greetings in Spanish such as “Viva Cuba!,” and “Viva Fidel!”

Upon their return to the island, Cremata explained to Juventud Rebelde that the twenty from all five continents that reached the finals were selected from among more than 20,000 companies. As if this were not enough, La Colmenita was chosen to close the festival with the performance of Cinderella According to the Beatles, “which made us very proud.”

“We performed at Na Strastnom, an impressive place, the venue of the Russian National Theatre Board, and it was full; one couldn’t walk in the halls. Opinions of personalities, critics, the Russian TV, journalists and, specially, girls and boys participating in the festival from around the world were frankly ‘exaggerated.’

“I cannot yet believe all the things they told us, especially when we are talking about a festival where the level was very high, where the companies presented shows with a really high artistic value.

“We cannot forget that we performed in the land of the best theatre of all times (Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Chejov, Vajtangov, etc.), but we did a fine job and placed the name of Cuba really high,” added Cremata.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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