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In Cuba Holguin Bio Products Center has achieved good results
It is the only center of its kind in Cuba linked up to all the scientific institutions west of the city of Havana. The center has helped increase the country’s exports and reduce its imports.

The center’s manager, Rolando Sanchez, said the facility also produces an early pregnancy detector and fluorescent conjugates for self-immune and infectious diseases.

Cuban criminology units have benefited from the center’s antispecies set along with diagnoses for toxoplasmosis detection in humans.

The facility also produces a hyper-immune serum with high content of tetanical antitoxins, a reactive with similar results as those traded in the world market, used as a calibrator in Cuban vaccines.

Sanchez also spoke about the human anti munoglobulines, and serums from rabbit and bovine born free of colostrum used in the national kidney transplant program and as an additive in cell culturing.


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