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Cultural Heritage and Recreation in Cuba
Dozens of kilometers of excellent beaches are complemented by exuberant nature, centuries-old traditions and the cultural heritage that characterizes Cuban society, in addition to a hotel infrastructure of thousands of rooms.

Cuba's new tourist options, aimed at a specialized segment of visitors, have attracted a group of European professionals who are looking for shooting locations in the area of the Morro Castle.

The option is part of a new offer by Vacacionar Travel, aimed at combining recreation with production of digital materials for cinema and television.

In association with JC Digital Final Productions, the Vacacionar group offers film producers and moviemakers specialized professional services.

The European experts have expressed interest in the system of fortresses that protected the Cuban capital in Spanish-colonial times, especially the Castle of the Three Kings of Morro. Havana's defense system consisted of nine fortresses that, according to experts, made the most important military complex in the Spanish-speaking Americas.

Another castle, Castillo de la Real Fuerza (completed in 1577) paved the way to Renaissance design in military constructions in the continent, an architectural style that prevailed in Spain during the Catholic Monarch's rule, and was also known as Elizabethan style.

The Morro Castle, as well as the other fortresses, was designed by Italian military engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli. It is a Renaissance fortress in the shape of an irregular polygon with three powerful bastions overlooking the bay, the entry to the port and the city.

The Morro Castle, which was the most important fortress in the defense system to protect Havana from attacks by corsairs and pirates, was besieged by the English, who took it after opening a breach in its walls. From there, they made the city to surrender.

The European moviemakers' work is backed up by a technological infrastructure that is unique in the country, including hi-tech equipment and facilities for High-Definition production and postproduction, among other requirements for digital creation.

In that regard, they are using a Red One camera – the only one of its kind in Cuba – equipped with the necessary accessories. In addition, clients have access to accommodation in more than 200 hotels and car-rental options throughout the country.

Feature-length films, artistic and cultural programs, commercials, documentaries, and corporate and entrepreneurial videos are some of the new options offered as part of this initiative, in which highly-skilled professionals assist moviemakers and producers to meet their demands.

In addition to that, Cuba's landscapes and historic sites are excellent for artistic creation, as well as for leisure.


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