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80 Cuban sports instructors in Guatemala working in 25 sports disciplines.
According to Prensa Latina news agency, Guatemalan VP Rafael Espada said that the Cuban specialists have helped a lot and recalled that during his visit to Cuba earlier this year he made emphasis on this aspect and asked for more assistance in this area.

Espada noted that Cuban authorities agreed to send sports trainers and specialists to his country and to grant more scholarships to Guatemalan youths in Cuba.

“Cuba has invested a lot in its people and that is why they have a significant development in health, sports and education,” he stressed.

He criticized the situation in Guatemala where children and youths lack facilities to practice sports and qualified trainers to teach them.

And he added: “How are we going to have school sports if we don’t have schools in the first place?”

Espada said that this is the reason why his country will also be sending a small 12-member delegation of athletes to the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Precisely, two of these athletes will travel to Beijing accompanied by Cuban trainers.



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