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Young Canadian Activist Impressed by Cuban Community Culture
Pinet, who is in the province of Granma as part of the Guerrilla de Teatreros theater group, said that these social and cultural projects help balance the distortion of the Cuban reality presented by the mainstream media.

The periodic encounters began in 2006 and include tours of the Sierra Maestra, the country’s highest and most famous mountainous range, where participants learn about the work of the Cuban Revolution to improve the quality of live in these isolated places.

The committee brings young professionals to learn about Cuban culture and about a society very different from that of Canada, said Pinet. “It’s not a matter of finding a political alternative but of learning about other experiences, starting by accepting the existence of different ways of solving a problem.

“Since the international press doesn’t report on the achievements of the Cuban Revolution, visitors are amazed when they visit isolated communities and see video centers, doctors’ offices, solar panels and other services unthinkable in remote areas of Canada,” said Pinet.

Sylvain Pinet spoke about the work done by the Guerrilla de Teatreros group that, since 1993, has been offering theater, music, and dance performances, film screenings and artistic appreciation workshops in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, free of charge.

Twelve young Canadians began to work as part of the Guerrilla de Teatreros in May of this year, and will continue to do so until August, presenting music and dance performances and other forms of entertainment.


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