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Cuban Residents in Centro America Meet in Nicaragua
Cuban Residents in Nicaragua Association (ARC for its Spanish acronym) called for the meeting under the slogan ¨Against the Terrorism. Against the Blockade. Because a better world is possible¨

At this event the debates will focus on how to mobilize themselves to defend their homeland and for the freedom of the five Cuban antiterrorist imprisoned in the United States for fighting terrorism, reports the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry website. It also adds that the participants will relate their experiences and will encourage other Cubans abroad to create similar organizations.

The notification rejects the blockade imposed upon Cuba by the US government, which it describes as the main tool of the hostile and aggressive policy of Washington towards Cuba . It also denounces the falseness of the so called antiterrorism war of the George Bush Administration, while it protects well known criminals such as Luis Posada Carriles.

The meeting will reaffirm the participants' commitment to defend their national identity.


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