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Analyze the economy the Cuban parliaments commissions
During the meeting, the committee's 30 members also learned on the behaviour lf the island's foreign investments during the first semester of the year based on information given by the Deputy Minister for Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Ramon Marin who pointed out that at the end of June there were 234 active international economic associations. Spain, Canada and Venezuela are the nations with the largest presence in these investment associations.

The Cuban official added that during the first semester of this year, 7 new businesses were approved, 4 with Venezuela, 2 with Spain and 1 with China.

He highlighted the role of foreign investment in the economic revival of the country but stressed that the main contribution to this revival has been made by the Cuban people and government.
Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas talked meanwhile on the current state of the so called Doha Round for Development including its history and evolution since its creation of its negotiations during the 4th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in November of 2001, in addition to the experiences of the 12th Ministerial Conference of the UN Trade and Development Organization held in Ghana last April.

Tuesday's session wound up with the President of the Economic Commission, Osvaldo Martinez on the current situation of the world economy.


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