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In Cuba University Students Body Takes an Overview

The meeting’s first day took a look at the academic year that’s about to end, during a session that was attended by the ministers of Education, Higher Education, Sports and Recreation, and Healthcare.

The debates took place within four commissions, organized according to the different university syllabuses currently studied in Cuba and the corresponding ministries under which graduates are expected to work after they finish their studies.

Higher Education Minister Juan Vela Valdes urged students to expand their economic awareness and to more actively counter expressions of felony and indiscipline that may emerge in their midst. “To the extent that student leaders prepare themselves better to defend the legitimate interests of their peers and also be capable of clearly conveying to them the challenges they will have to selflessly be facing, we will be guaranteeing the continuity of socialism in Cuba and therefore very prolongation of the Revolution,” said Vela Valdes.

On Wednesday, the university council also analyzed changes in the University Students Federation’s core of regulations introduced during the last congress and dealing with issues like provincial elections, the federation’s sanction policy and life at the student residences. The conclusions of the different commissions as well as the federation’s projections for the next academic year will be reviewed during a plenary session on Thursday. Also for debate will be the policy seeking to extend and expand university education, under a program that has come to be known as the “universalization of higher education.”

(Juventud Rebelde)

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