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XIX International Chemistry Conference in Cuba
The Chemistry Department in Universidad de Oriente has been organizing this event since 1964 and gathers in every edition experts from all over the world and personalities who have significantly contributed to those fields.

During the last 45 years, over 300 thousand professionals in this field have graduated. More than 600 of them are doctors, highest proportion with that category in the exact, natural and technical sciences areas.

During the last five years of the XX century, more than 30% of research works awarded by the Academy of Sciences of Cuba were related to basic research and the use of chemistry in national economy.

All these factors make of our country the third power in this field in the area after the US and Canada, according to relevant international specialists.

The international meeting will deal with themes related to physical, organic, analytic and inorganic chemistry, teaching, industrial biotechnology, chemical engineering and the link of this science with the environment.


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