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Argentinean Cuban IMs Lead Chess Tournament
Kovalyov, the Latin American player with the highest ELO score in the tournament (2,525 points), defeated Italian IM Pierluigi Piscopo, so he has won three points in three rounds, leading the competition along with three other players.

They are Bulgarian Grand Master (GM) Aleksander Delchev (2,639 points), Indian IM Adhiban (2,421) and German GM of Russian origin Arkadij Rotstein (2,528).

The second group includes Gongora (2,422), who drew with GM Azer Mirzoev (2,543) and scored 2.5 points.

The other players with a 2.5-point score are Cuba's Aryam Abreu (2,483) and Mexican IM Manuel Leon Hoyos (2,490), who beat Indian FIDE Masters Nitin and Babu Lalith, respectively.

Cuban players Maritza Arribas and Jose Luis Vilela, and Colombia's Nadya Karolina Ortiz, score two points after winning their games in the third round.

The only Latin American defeat went to Cuban IM Roquelina Fandiño, who lost to Indian GM Abhijeet Gupta.


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