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Cuba again disqualified the US report before the World Trade Organization
The Cuban attaché before the United Nations and Geneva-based international agencies, Jorge Ferrer, strongly rejected the US report at the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB).

The Cuban delegate said the US report has an inalterable content that does not consider the DSB agreements in Section 211 of the US Appropriations Act.

Under the umbrella of that law, the company Bacardi has misappropriated the world-famous Cuban brand Havana Club in a flagrant violation of world trade rules that Washington allows under the pretext of the economic blockade imposed on the Caribbean Island.

The United States has banned sales of Cuban products on US territory due to the blockade, but it has also encouraged the commercialization of goods and services under the Havana brand, thus breaking the law, he explained.

It also registers new brands under that label. "This year, for example, the US Patent and Trademark Office registered the brands HAVANA COLLECTION and OLD HAVANA, to New Jersey- and Nevada-based companies, respectively," Ferrer pointed out.

In the same line, the European Communities, the plaintiff in this dispute, demanded that the United States immediately annul Section 211, when the issue was debated at the meeting.

As on previous occasions, delegates from India, Brazil, China, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam expressed concern about Washington's incompliance with DSB recommendations and resolutions for over six years.

Washington's stance undermines the credibility of dispute settlement bodies, especially their juridical principle of immediate compliance, and WTO Agreements, particularly those related to the Intellectual Property Right Agreement, they said.


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