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Cuba qualified for the South Africa 2010 World Cup
The top scorer was offensive player Roberto Linares, who scored three
goals in the 8, 45 and 53 minutes, while winger Yenier Marquez, scored a
fourth goal in the 73’.

The Cubans, coached by German Reinhold Fanz, had previously defeated
Antigua and Barbuda in a tight game 4-3 in the city of Saint John’s.

“It is true that we scored four goals there (Antigua and Barbuda) and
another four here (Havana), but we have to work very hard because I
noticed certain mistakes when making decisions in front of the rival’s
goal,” explained the coach.

Coach Fanz also said the team needs to work harder on the wings since he
has made a few changes on the position of the players.

For the Third CONCACAF qualifying round, in August, Cuba will be included
in a four-team group made up by United States, Trinidad and Tobago and


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