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With more than 15 million loosened tobacco poles
Up to date, reported Enrique Cruz Villate head of the provincial group, all the Virginia tobacco has been benefited and Burley’s is going with a good yield in class. Likewise this process is going well in shade grown tobacco that experiments encouraging results in the wrapper leaf yield.

With regard to the stocking and buying, Cruz Villate assured there are all the necessary conditions so that this harvest is similar to the previous one.

On the next one, the official reported that they are already working on the hiring of 1 601.8 caballerias for the period 2008-2009, as well as in the improvement of the soils, while poles and posts are being cut. In the future days the wood transfer begins for the construction of the barns.

Concerning the labor force Enrique Cruz noted that benefit demands more workers, for which all the municipal enterprises have real possibilities of employment.


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