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Exhibition shows work of Cuban translators i
The images in the exhibition marking the 35th anniversary of the institution show professional interpreters doing their job of helping communication between Cuban personalities and others from all over the world during different events.

The faces of ESTI interpreters, anonymous most of the time, in either black and white or color prints, appear as they accompany international figures such as civil right fighter Angela Davis during a visit to Cuba, or Cuban national poet Nicolas Guillen in Nigeria. The shots also show language professionals translating conversations between Fidel Castro and government leaders and other personalities such as Michael Manley, Nelson Mandela, Yasser Arafat, Sekou Toure, Rene Preval, Steven Spielberg, Gerard Borgoin and many others.

In addition, the photo exhibit dedicates a space to honor the work as a translator in Cuba by Argentinean communist Tamara Bunke in the 1960´s.

Tamara, whose nom de guerre was Tania, became part of Ernesto Che Guevara´s guerrilla in Bolivia, where she died alongside the Argentinean revolutionary.

The ESTI display was organized in collaboration with the translation unit of the Cuban telephone company ETECSA, which has been working on a project about the history of translation and interpretation on the island since 1959. The photo collection will be open for three weeks.

ESTI, which is under the Executive Committee of the Cuban Council of Ministers, was founded in October 23, 1973. The team provides translation and interpretation services in more than fifteen languages and it is the leading entity for translation in the country.


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