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Cuba and Mali consolidate cinematographic cooperation
El Moctar, who is still shocked by Cubadisco 2008, commented about the signed agreement between the National Cinematography Centre of Mali and the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (ICAIC, after its initials in Spanish).

The leader was at the head of is country delegation to the international festival of Cuban discography that was dedicated this year to Africa.

The signing of the agreement was held in Havana with the presence of the general director of the Mali Cinematography, Moussa Ouane. Luis Alberto Gonzalez, vice president of I CAIC, signed the document for the Cuban part.

Both cultural entities will try to boost the development of the cooperation, exchange and creation of projects. This cooperation will be, to start, for three years.

The spirit and the letters of the agreement includes visit of critics from both countries, execution of workshops and conferences, as well as a program to form technicians and specialists.

Ouani, indicated that the agreement institutionalises the spontaneous cooperation relationships that have take place in the last few years.

Its realization, he added, will contribute to intensify the distribution and international expansion of both countries productions.


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