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In Cuba XXI National Video Meeting will open its doors
Selections of works are competing for the Vitral award (in the categories documentary, video clip, fiction and experimental video / art video) can be seen by the public at the above mentioned institution.

Out of the presented works, 27 were made by producing entities, such as Mundo Latino, Televisión Serrana, los Estudios de Animación del Instituto Cubano del Arte y la Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC), el Instituto Cubano de la Radio y la Televisión (ICRT) and many others.

The rest are made by students of the International Cinema and TV School and of the Higher Arts Institute.

A simple of competing works will be exhibited in cinema theatres during the month of September.

The event is sponsored by he Hispanic American Cultural Centre, the Cuban Institute of Radio and TV (ICRT, after its initials in Spanish), the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (ICAIC, after its initials in Spanish), the Project 23 and the Swiss Embassy in Cuba.

The National Video Movement was founded during the I Exhibition of Cuban Videos in 1988. Many of its members are professionally linked to the ICAIC or to the ICRT, but also have a significant number of independent creators.


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