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In Cuba the efficient production of food is importan
The specialist explained that to achieve this goal requires different related scientific specializations that in the tropics require alternatives to combat desertification and drought as well as the loss of biodiversity, without forgetting the importance of improving agricultural and urban plans.

The 2008 Tropico Convention held its third event at a time when the world is facing a food crisis caused by neoliberal policies and the use of basic grains to produce bio fuels.

"Although an increase of food production is expected in the coming years there is no sign of price reductions," Rodriguez said.

The 2008 Tropico Convention links the II Congress of Tropical Geography, the III Congress of Tropical Agriculture, the II Congress of Tropical Bio Diversity and Ecology and the II Congress of Tropical Meteorology that was held since June 16 with the participation of 220 delegates.


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