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19th Pastors For Peace Caravan will be crossing from Canada
The Victoria Goods for Cuba Campaign organization called on all friends and supporters of the island to help the 19th Friendshipment Caravan to get on its way towards Cuba. The group asked to keep alert in order to prevent any the caravan

The caravan began its tour past June 15, according to a press release by the Cuban embassy to Canada. The Caravan will be crossing from Canada into the US through two different points, said the source.

Prior to the departure, the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association held on June 13 a fundraising dinner in Kingston, in which about 65 people participated. The evening began with a blessing by Queen Street United Minister Laurie McKnight Walker followed be a delicious meal prepared and served by CCFA members and friends, the report described.

The film “Who's Afraid of the Little Yellow School Bus,” showing the effects of the US blockade against Cuba felt by the Caravan's members was screened after dinner.

In addition, a bus bought by the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) was loaded with medicines. The vehicle, which will be one of the five making up the caravan, was named after one of the Cuban Five men unfairly imprisoned in the U.S, Ramon Labanino.

On Thursday 12, Ottawa-Cuba Connections also held a fundraising dinner with the attendance of over 60 people.

Likewise, in Montreal, the Table de concertation de solidarité Quebec- Cuba crossed the border near Champlain New York on June 15 in defiance of the US Blockade, while expressing its support of the Five.

The full caravan is expected to cross the US border into Mexico on July 3 and 4.     

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