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Surprises in the Night of the Books
Organised by the Cuban Book Institute (ICL, after its initials in Spanish) and the Union of young Communist (UJC, after its initials in Spanish), this party will start next Friday the 4 of July with a new version of La noche de los libros (The Night of the Books), dedicated to the 106 anniversary of the birth date of our national Poet Nicolas Guillen. The main venue will be the 23 street of this capital and will have many replicas in many locations all over the country.

This festival will be opened at 4pm in Havana and the main streets and park of every provincial capitals, as well as in the cities of Nueva Gerona (Isla de la Juventud), Morón, Manzanillo and Puerto Padre. In Havana province, the festival will be held in San Antonio de los Baños, San José de las Lajas and Artemisa.
In a press conference held at the Literary Café of the Pabellón Cuba, the vice presidents of the ICL, Fernando León Jacomino and Alberto Marrero, the president of the Nicolas Guillen Foundation Nicolás Hernández Guillén, the director of the Centro Pablo, the poet and filmmaker Víctor Casaus, Ana Victoria Casas Jesús, member of the UJC and directors of the main Cuban publishing houses, offered details about the significant celebration, which essence is to increase the knowledge and the formal education of the people, as well as offer an educative way to occupy the free time in the traditionally holiday month.

Among the main activities of the festival will be reading of stories and poetry, sale of books of specialised topics, gatherings in Literary cafes, meetings with writers and famous sport figures, concerts and poetry recital and sale of a collection of 10 postcards that remember the image of Guillen.

Hernández Guillén valued the meeting of the national public with his grandfather work and specified that the postcards have "great texts with Guillen love poetry, illustrated by recognised representatives of the plastic arts, among them Eduardo Roca (Choco), Ernesto García Peña and Rocío García. He observed that at La noche de los libros, in Havana’s G Café will be readings of love poems written by Guillen, as well as poems by Pablo Armando Fernández, César López, Marilyn Bobes and younger poets.

"Is a bet in favour of imagination and beauty", was the description given by Víctor Casaus to the concert Del verso a la canción, (From the verse to the song) to be held at the Parque El Quijote in Havana. In the concert will take part the singers who won the 2006 competition with the same name, sponsored by the Centro Pablo, an institution that this time will also offer in a record stand the collections A guitarra limpia and Palabra viva, the later with poems dedicated to Che and recordings of the voice of the Heroic Guerrilla.

Generally speaking, the forthcoming Night will offer a wide program and the expected poetry recital of Carilda Oliver Labra, at the Parque de los artesanos (23 y G), the meeting with the reverend Raúl Suárez and the presentation of his volumen Cuando pasares por las agues (Editorial Caminos), at the Martin Luther King, 23 y F and the presentation of the Artecubano magazine at the Galería 23 y 12 might become a success.

All this and much more, as part of a night that will end with a spectacular concert in 23 and Malecon with, according to Jacomino a "very popular figure". But its name will be kept as a provisional surprise for the followers of the art and literature.


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