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New virtual bilingual encyclopaedia in the Cuban web
This encyclopaedia is the result of the International Meeting in Defense of Humanity, held in Caracas in 2004 and the International Meeting against Terrorism, for the Truth and Justice, held in Havana in 2005. The publication talk about the terrorism promoted, financed and executed by the US government and their accomplices in the rest of the American continent. It collects in Spanish and English events, operations, plans and programs, testimonies of the victims, organizations linked with terrorism, executors and responsible, revolutionaries against the state terrorism, researchers of the topic and denounce publications.

It is expected to become the platform for victim’s meetings, researchers on terrorism and fighters against the injustice and against the obscurity as the only way to build a peaceful future.

The site uses the MediaWiki technology that guarantees a permanent update of the content and will have the support of important researchers and journalists, announced the creators.

Even though the purposes of the encyclopaedia go beyond the simple news, it publishes the most important information about the terrorism in the USA today.

To the Chilean president Salvador Allende, one of the great figures of the American history, is dedicated a considerable space in the main page, in tribute to the hundred years of his birth date, in June 1908.

Among the chosen texts is an interview given by Allende to the US journalist and filmmaker Saul Landau in 1971. The interview was published some decades later.


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