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The musical show Cabaret a Cuban version
During a press conference, authorities with CNAE reported that the Cuban version, the production of which falls on young actors, singers and dancers of the Menfisto group, was conceived to be premiered during the inauguration of the Bertold Brecht cultural center, which was totally refurbished.

According to Tony Díaz, this Cabaret, described as a version ´for Cubans and in the Cuban fashion´, respects the original idea of John van Druten, who produced the first stage version based on a story from the book ´The Berlin Stories´ (1939) by English antifascist Christopher Isherwood.

The stage production recalls the Sally Bowles and Kit Kat Club of the 1930s in Berlin. In some aspects, including the set design, choreographies and costumes, the Cuban version is similar to the US version, though each and every Cuban artist on stage contributes his or her personal style.

Tony Díaz explained that he used a script by his colleague Nelson Dorr, based on previous ideas for other productions of the musical show. Díaz thanked scriptwriters Héctor Quintero, José Milián and Dorr himself for their contribution.

The artistic director expressed his satisfaction with the choreographic work of Iván Tenorio, which he said is somehow different from the film by Bob Fosse and other stage productions in Broadway and in countries like Mexico and Spain.

He also praised the music, the rehearsals and the young actors´ hard training in all three disciplines: acting, dancing and singing for this production.

The exact date of the inauguration of the refurbished theatre and the premiere of Cabaret is yet to be announced. The musical show had previews in the Cuban cities of Bayamo, Manzanillo, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila and Cienfuegos. According to sources from the National Council on Performing Arts, the Havana premiere will take place ´after June 20th.´

The same sources praised the refurbishing work carried out in the old building that houses the Bertold Brecht cultural center. The facility will now have a big theatre hall, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a smaller one known as a coffee theatre and an art gallery for exhibits dealing with the current world trends in stage design.


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