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The Tucker Valley Project with Cuban technical
The agreement envisages the development of a farm to produce a variety of products at Chaguaramas, north-east of Trinidad and Tobago, with the help of Cuban specialists.

Attending the ceremony was a delegation from the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, headed by Engineer Osmar Mendez de la Fe, who is in the final stages of setting up this cooperation project.

Cuba’s ambassador to that Caribbean island, Sergio Oliva, reiterated his country’s disposition to offer the technical assistance required to develop the project, which will contribute to revitalize local agriculture by taking advantage of Cuba’s experience in the use of advanced cultivation techniques.

For his part, Piggott expressed his gratitude to Cuba for its cooperation and expressed the desire of the Trinidadian authorities to see the results of this joint work very soon, in order to alleviate the crisis caused by the excessive increase of food prices.


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