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In Cuba Pinar del Rio and Andalusia review 10 years of brotherhood
The support to food security programs in municipalities of Pinar del Río has been stated in nine different ways, among them the strengthening of agrifood productions, the increase of rice in small farms, the development of the local canned food industry, the recovery of areas infected by marabou and the reinforcement of the market system.

In regard to the economic development, they include the support to sugar industry, the production of construction materials and the business possibilities in strategic sectors, while territorial services work in order to improve the quality of water supply, to revive local cultural traditions and the natural medicine program.

There are some other priorities such as the application of sustainable agricultural models, organic agriculture, soils improvement and the struggle against desertification, the conservation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, the protection of the environment and the reduction of pollutant loads.

The strategic projects are Aguas Pinar, the electrification of rural areas, support to industrial restructuring, municipal self-supply, and the revival of San Diego del los Baños medicinal spa.

The opening words of Pinar Anda, as this first cooperation encounter with Andalusia is called, were pronounced by engineer Ernesto Barreto, president of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, who tanked the solidarity of that Spanish people and explained that our territory have received over 115 projects in a decade, which equals investments of 2,3 million dollars and 2,8 million pesos, along with contributions by Italy and France.

Roberto Gálvez, representative of the United Nations Development Programme, recognized the decentralized cooperation of the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI) all along these years.

On behalf of the FAMSI, its vice-president Francisco Morales Zurita, recognized that all the municipalities in Andalusia have had links with Cuba since the late 80s. He also said that his region destines this year 130 million euros for development, and concerning Cuba 5 millions have been invested since the beginning of the relationships.

Fernando Guillén, head of the Andalusian Foundation for Training and Employment, said that his region is one of the highest investors in international cooperation, with special emphasis on human resources, not only for the capital it comprises, but for their values, their love for work and other virtues.

Rolando Requeijo, Cuban viceminister of Cooperation and Foreign Investment, noted that the decentralized cooperation has been something typical the past few years and evolves with greater progress, that’s why it has all the support of the MINVEC and that is ratified in the current results achieved by Pinar del Río.


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