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Summer 2008 in Ciego de Avila Cuba Enjoyment and Learning
According to Arlietty Gutiérrez, head of the Ideological Department of the UJC Provincial Committee in Ciego de Ávila, “the communities will be the center of attention in this season and they will welcome the proposals of the José Martí Art Trainers Brigade, the Video Club, as well as  the Community Computer Club.

In all the municipalities of the province the art instructors will teach short courses to appreciate and learn several artistic modalities, especially Cuban popular dances, theater, plastic arts and music. Children and adolescents will have the opportunity to learn rural dances from Majagua--a municipality rich in cultural traditions, engraving techniques, musical genres and the handling of marionettes, among other options.

Video Clubs will take advantage of their spaces to bring population near to cultural debate, through the discussion of movies and documentaries. Among the Cuban films that will be on, mention should be made of Memorias del subdesarrollo (Memoirs of the Underdevelopment,) Jíbaro (Wilde) and Hasta cierto punto (To a Certain Extent).

In each community computer club, short courses i will be taught on computer operation, Excel, Acces, etc., in correspondence with the demand. At the same time the habitual services will be offered, among them, information search and extended hours.

According to the youth leader, the People’s Camping Provincial Enterprise in Ciego de Ávila aims at developing a Historic Tourism initiative. At least once in every stay, campers will have the opportunity to visit museums, historic sites and other places related to local and national history.  


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