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Varadero World Music Festival, Some Days Away from the Opening
Presided over by composer and orchestra conductor Juan Formell, the event returns after 20 years of absence to become a ‘permanent descarga,´ according to the prestigious Cuban musician.

During a press conference, Formell explained that the idea is to have a musical festival that combines artists from different generations and styles.

‘What we intend,´ he said, ‘is for artists to share on stage, playing together in ‘descargas´ that last until the following morning, as we did at previous festivals.´

‘For instance,´ he said, ‘in the old landing strip of the Varadero airport, with room for 30,000 people, there will be three concerts every day, totally free of charge.´

Cuban Deputy Culture Minister Alexis Vásquez confirmed that the invited world personalities include, among others, Spaniard Dyango, Portuguese Luis Represas, Danish pop group Sweetheart and Puerto Rican Andy Montañez.

Also invited are Venezuelans Lester Paredes and Lex Estet, Argentinean quartet Pablo Basez, Ecuador ´s Rarefacción, Senegalese singer Afia Mala and 11 African musical groups, including Pigmeos from the Congo and Sandang All Star.

Cuban music will be represented by some of its best exponents, among them the group Síntesis, singer X Alfonso, the orchestras La Original de Manzanillo, Aragón and Van Van, singer Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo´s group and the Muñequitos de Matanzas.

Septets, orchestras that play traditional music, pop and jazz bands, singers of son music, timba and dance music will perform every day in 13 different spots, since the afternoon until the early hours of the following morning.

Parallel to the live performances, there will be a workshop on the role of percussion instruments in Cuban popular music, with practical lessons. The event´s program also includes the conference ´Sencillamente charangueando.´

The World Music Festival was first held in 1967 and later, two more times, featuring renowned world figures like French Michel Legrand, Brazilian Chico Buarque and Spaniard Massiel.


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