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Las Tunas Cuba Strengthens Student Libraries with Universal Literature
Five of the 67 student centers of that type in the territory received some 150 titles of famed authors at world level, among them Homero, Boccaccio, Bécquer, Baudelaire, Stendhal, Benito Pérez Galdós, and Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz.

The Vocational Senior High School of Pedagogical Sciences Protesta de Baraguá, was scenario of the introduction of the project, in charge of the writer from Las Tunas Alberto Garrido, International Award in Novel Casa de Teatro, in Dominican Republic.

The intellectual praised the initiative of strengthening the libraries at the boarding schools where the students remain the whole week. He also exalted the transcendency of offering to these students the opportunity of consulting books that are scarce in bookstores and public libraries.

The project seeks to revive the activities of the Clubs Friends of the Book, to incorporate new members and to foment reading habits as form of healthy and intellectual recreation, advantageous for the spiritual growth.


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