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Mr Yarini the bold guy
Yarini was a controversial famous character that went beyond the boundaries of his San Isidro neighborhood in Havana.

He was refined, moderate, good- looking young man but quarrelsome, wasteful, lazy and spoiled of easy money.

His father, Cirilo Jose Aniceto, was a dental surgeon and founding member of the Havana Odontology Society as well as professor of the Dental Surgery School of the University of Havana until his death in 1915.  His mother, Juana Emilia Ponce de Leon, a refined, elegant and educated woman, was an excellent pianist according to the education in the bosom of a wealthy family at that time.  They wanted to give to their youngest son all what they did not give to their other daughter and son.

His uncles were catholic and respected doctors.
Yarini lived a childhood surrounded by pleasures and flattery for being the youngest of the family.  Mimi, his mother, believed that the male sons deserved everything, exempting him from his worse habits.  Also, the apathy for responsibilities the “poor man”” never knew, and years later it was shown in an excessive male chauvinism.

He was the most ostentatious and popular, the dearest and fearsome man in the tolerance strips of Havana wharves.  His adolescence was quiet, far from the convulsed and impoverished Cuba as the result of the wars.   
He studied first in the Havana school of San Meliton and later he studied in United States together with his older brother, Cirilo.  Yarini separated from him when he returned at the end of the 98 war, while his brother became professor of the Propedeutic and Orthodontics school of the Dental Surgery School of Havana.
This Yarini of the same family was the vehement of the rested works, of easy capital, of indolent life.  He was the delights tester, fop, the one who step by step, with elegance and charm, with revolts and acting though got the adjective of “lady-killer”.    
However, he was not satisfied.  He continued with his misfortunes to obtain his best standard, the gigolo, procurer and pimp, the king of brothels.
Thus, defending his title, he was shot in the middle of disturbances that took place in the humble San Isidro neighborhood in Havana at any day.


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