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Books of the Cuban retired general, Fabian Escalante are presented in Mexico
In an initial speech, Escalante, made an analysis of the main topic of his books, the permanent aggression of the USA against Cuba and its Revolution. This aggression started before the triumph of the revolution the 1 of January 1959.

Escalante talked about the resent denunciations made by the Cuban government about the strengthening of the US subversive actions, supported by their Havana Interest Office, to finance Counter Revolution groups in Cuba.

He remembered that since 1956, before the disembark of Fidel Castro in the eastern Cuban coast to start the armed fight in the Sierra Maestra mountains, Washington was using the CIA and organise crime to prevent the arrival of Fidel to the power.

Later on, he told about the long list of 634 murder attempts against the Cuban leader, all of them frustrated by the Cuban intelligence service, the serious tension during the 1962 Missile Crisis and the participation of the Cuban people in the disclosure of several complots. He underlined that the Revolution changed the concepts of the USA and of every Cuban people about their political and ideological ideas.

Referring to his books, he finally explained that if History is not analysed, it is impossible to understand the present and foreseen the future.

The UNAM academic, John Saxe-Fernández, remembered that without the support of the people it was impossible for the Cuban revolution to exist, as well as it was impossible the planning of a defence and national security system.

The retired Mexican general, José Gallardo, qualified the presentation made by Escalante as very enriching and affirmed that Cuba democratised national security, since it was completely based on the support and participation of its population.

He alerted that with the FTA with North America and with the so called Merida initiative, the USA want to appropriate the Mexican energetic resources to maintain their hegemony in the world.

Journalist Angel Guerra, stated that people is the great shield of the revolution and therefore can be said the national security was democratised in Cuba.
Finalmente, el escritor y periodista dijo que los latinoamericanos tienen una gran deuda con Cuba que, durante el último medio siglo, ha sido la primera línea de defensa frente a las agresiones de Estados Unidos.

Finally, the writer and journalist Carlos Fazio, said that people in Latin America have a great debt with Cuba, a country that has been for half a century the first line of defence in front of the US aggressions.


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