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In Camagüey, Cuba to Host National Scientific Forum on History
The forum will examine different moments of the insurrectional struggle, which began on October 10th 1868 and concluded with the victory of the Revolution in 1959.

All the Cuban provinces and the especial municipality of the isle of Youth will be represented in this forum which will be held in this city on Wednesday and Thursday, under the sponsorship of Cuba’s National Association of Historian (UNHIC).

The independentismo, autonomismo and reformismo, political streams which prevailed during the Ten Year War, the Independence War of 1895 and the subsequent US intervention in Cuba, the National Liberation War which culminated in the victory of January 1959 are the issues that will be discussed in the plenary.

Essayist Eliades Acosta, chief of the Department of Culture of the Communist Party Central Committee; Raúl Izquierdo, President of the UNHIC and Áurea Matilde Fernández and Sergio Guerra, professors of the University of Havana are some of the personalities that will participate in this meeting.

The University of Camaguey and the Highest Pedagogic Institute Jose Marti will welcome the participants.


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