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In Cuba: Rice production strengthened
Likewise he noted that the supplies to agricultural state markets are already stabilized, an action started in Los Palacios municipalities and systematically spanned to the rest of the territory.

On the other hand the official assured that the markets keep the price of 3.45 a pound, but the amount of rice is regulated to 10 pounds a person in order to avoid that unscrupulous people speculate with the cereal.

To guarantee the grain in this market network, the Ministry of Agriculture and the ANAP (Small Farmers Association) are developing a deep process with farmers and cooperative workers, who have ratified their commitment to contribute to keep rice production. So far, we count on 12 500 tons more and we expect to reach 14 492. All of this is a sign of confidence and trust in the Revolution that prioritizes food production as a first order task.

The non-specialized sector, known as popular, is currently sowing in Pinar del Río about 23 500 hectares from 46 850 available areas for this task.

Those currently under exploitation show an average production of 42 200 tons, hence if the non-exploited become active the production would duplicate that figure.

In that sense the rice specialist reported that nothing stops the use of the inactive land, because since last January some areas have been delivered as loans with resources protection to cultivate the cereal, including a technologic package that gathers seeds, fuel, fertilizers, lubricants, insecticides and weedkillers. In this moment a big amount of cabellerias are requested, which is encouraging since there is a clear interest for producing rice.

Gilberto García reported that until August 31st, a price for the growers of 120 and 103 pesos the husk rice quintal has been fixed, plus 0.33 cents in convertible pesos and the right to 40 and 80 percent of the by-product (saw dust).

Currently, Cuba has a contract with Vietnam, a nation that has sent 18 ships of the cereal that will help to keep the supply all over the island, since today this product is at 1 200- 1250 dollars a ton in the international market.


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