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Develop the Book Cuba Club
Fernando León Jacomino, Vice President of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL, after its initials in Spanish), said to the press that the essence of these proposals is to place reading as a frequent action of daily life, with titles accessible in different places, such as bus stations, health and service centres.

This initiative started the 27 of May in some places of the Cuban capital, such as barber’s shops, stomatology clinic and policlinic, with book supplied by social, cultural or economic institutions to create a spontaneous exchange and to gradually people start donating some titles as well, added Jacomino.

Similar actions about the structure of the Clubs of Books Friends are being taken in high schools, technical colleges, sport schools, art instructors’ schools as well as many others of the revolution programs. These Clubs gather together students who are interested in reading and literary debate.

Gretchen Gomez, president of the Federation of Middle Teaching Students (FEEM, after its initial in Spanish), indicated that it is to have literature always available to every interested student – since there is no member limit in these clubs – independently to the dynamic of the libraries of the student centres that have fixed timetable.

Last 30 of May, 123 schools in every province will formally receive a module of 171 titles donated by the ICL, informed the leader. There will be books of every genre.

In the meeting, to be held in 4 or 5 centres of every province and in 61 of Havana, there will be a presentation of local authors to debate in the literary cafes. There will be also cultural proposals made by art instructors and by members of the Hermanos Saiz Association.

Jacomino indicated that these actions will be part of the campaign in favour of reading the ICL will make again during the summer holidays and that will start with its second edition in the La Noche de los Libros (Night of the Books) on the 4 of July.

This day will be dedicated to the 106 anniversary of the birth date of Nicolás Guillén and to the US literature, since it is the USA Independence Day.


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