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Master Iván Sánchez Morejón, president of the provincial association, said that during the last year the union advised companies in this territory which are using institutional communication systems and carried out campaigns headed to commemorate the National Event for the July 26th 2007 in Camagüey, and for the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

During the stage which has been deeply analyzed, the Association sponsored the project "Imagen social" and "Ronda", composed by the students of Social Communication courses who are linked to the improvement companies and the communitarian social works.

Assistants agreed to carry out a campaign to claim for the freedom of the Cuban Five, and for others important things that are going to improve the social communication within the primary health system.

Journalist Aramís González Cruz was selected the president of the Communication Council, who is going to make viable the support to the institution and the propaganda and publicity of the companies and organizations in this province.

The entity, composed by approximately hundred professionals, accumulates 15 years of experience; it targets the education and the campaigns accomplishment, so it is the place for presenting the expositions and the technical consultancy.


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