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Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters Established in Cuba
He spoke during the establishment of a parliamentary committee on constitutional and legal matters.
Its main objective will be to reinforce civic education and comply with legal regulations

Alarcón said that even though this committee has a provisional character, it plays a fundamental role in the implementation of actions and changes being carried out by the country to strengthen socialism and make society more efficient.

"Cubans complain about illegalities and indiscipline, and this has to do with social factors, but also with laws - knowing about them and the way they are applied. These matters that fall into this committees jurisdiction, and that of parliament itself.

"There is a principle that states that ignorance of the law is no excuse; but in a democratic society like this one, everybody should know the regulations to consciously abide by them."

The president of the Cuban Parliament recalled that every time Cuba carries out an election, independently of the political quality of the results, there are expressions of ignorance and lack of information about the functions of their representatives.

He said that the fact that our representatives do not work professionally as deputies, but continue practicing their professions, is an advantage because it makes our parliament to maintain its roots.

"As we have a non-professional parliament, the committee must think about how to include institutions, personalities and citizens that can enrich its analysis and research or create a legal initiative.

"Currently we are in a special situation. The task of this committee is now the most generalized in Cuba because law is being studied in all of the municipalities centers of higher education. We have to take advantage of this force."

The Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters is made up of 30 members, and includes José Luis Toledo Santander, the dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana, who was ratified as its president; Joaquín Bernal, vice chief of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the party, as vice president; Elba Martínez, deputy chief of the Legal Department of the MINFAR (Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces), as secretary.


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