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Cuban Parliament Forming National Defense Commission
Among the issues discussed was a strategy for guaranteeing domestic order, looking principally at how to maintain civic tranquility and prevent disturbances.

Colonel Linen Torres, of the office of Penitentiary Establishments of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), referred to measures that have been adopted for improving conditions of soldiers in that force.

Colonel Walter Santana, of the General Staff of the PNR, explained troop training systems. Among the institutional priorities, he mentioned the invigoration of the performance models to guarantee order and social discipline, as well as the forms of training applied in the sector.

Colonel Francisco Mailbox, head of the National Traffic Management of the PNR, referred to the complexities and challenges faced by troops in that branch of MININT. They serve to reduce the number of fatal incidents on the road, emphasizing preventive actions.

Another colonel from the Highway and Traffic Commission of the Ministry of Transport discussed measures that are adopted to improve roads, signaling system and the creation of driver education schools.

Brigade General Rafael Ruiz Pérez, head of Management of MINFAR, reported on the progress of the second stage of Operation Caguairán and about the intense training that reservists and soldiers receive.

Colonel Ramón Pasanaut Suárez, of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), gave the deputies of this commission a panoramic view of how training is conducted for FAR, MININT and the whole country, with the view of holding national defense drills this coming November.


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