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Bohemia magazine in its centennial
It was published for the first time on May 10, 1908 under the title of Revista Semanal Ilustrada. Cuban people acquired this new literary, social and artistic publication in the Republic times. Its first owner was Miguel Ángel Quevedo Pérez. As it usually happens, that first copy went unnoticed in the sales outlets.
The effort of those journalists was to provide their compatriots with one of the longest life magazine, to achieve greatest influence on the public opinion and the largest circulation; those objectives were dearly accomplished a century later.

From 1915 it was published under the subtitle of "ilustración mundial" (world illustration) and increased the number of pages and dimensions. It began to use three-colored printing front pages for first time in Cuba. In the year 1930 it was considered the most printed and circulated Cuban and Latin-American publication.

This weekly magazine aligned against the government of Gerardo Machado and started to criticize Cuban political events and it was closed by that tyranny. In 1933, under the guidance of the son of its owner, Bohemia published an open letter of him, facing the strongest repression existing at that time, demanding the resignation of the president.

That was not the only time in which Bohemia was closed or suspended due to its sharp articles. The magazine was always in the vanguard defending the noble causes and in 1959 got to sell up to a million of copies. In several periods of times it has been commercialized internationally.

Its pages have published short stories, poems, literary criticism, history, science and technology as well as other works about different topics signed by outstanding writers and illustrated by talented draftsmen.

We cant forget the creation in 1943 of "En Cuba" section thanks to Enrique de la Osa and Carlos Lechuga, that certain critics state it was the beginning of the research journalism in this country. The section became the most lasting and reading pages of all times of the Cuban journalism and made Bohemia a publication of obligatory reference.

Among its most outstanding contributors its worth to mention: Fernando Ortíz, Agustín Acosta, Juan Marinello, Raúl Roa, Gustavo Robreño, Manuel Navarro Luna, Félix Pira Rodríguez, Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring, Mirta Aguirre, Samuel Feijóo, Jorge Mañach; as well as: Marta Rojas, Lisandro Otero, Antonio Nuñez Jiménez, Salvador Bueno, and Jesús Orta Ruíz, El indio Naborí, and others.
The magazine has popular sections like those dedicated to children, social, sport, education, religion, fashion, miscellaneous matters as well as those about women, home among others.

There are other important sections that became real icons for Cuban families like "las cuquitas"; a picture of a doll with different pieces of clothes and accessories to cut and play, this used to appear in the back page of the magazine and it was very expected by little girls who used to collect them. Also, there is an honorable mention for the Crossword puzzle section, with its contribution to the intellectual development.

Nowadays, this magazine has diverse sections such as: "Le contesta Bohemia" (Bohemia answers), that allows interaction with readers, "Autores Cubanos" (Cuban authors) and "en las librerías" (in the bookstores), about the contemporary literary outlook of the country. "Eureka", keeps readers informed about the latest advances of science and technology and thus, there are other different sections of this broad-spectrum Cuban informative magazine.
This centenarian publication with its airs of modern age can be also found today at:


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