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Camagüey, Cuba accomplished the sugar production
The territory accomplished the plan after seven years of low yielding, this time the plan was attained in just 150 days. It got started on December 21st 2007 and was supported by six of the eight sugar mills in this province.

Sugar mills that achieved their goals were: Siboney, Argentina, Batalla de las Guásimas, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Panamá, whereas Brasil had to stop due to its poor efficiency.

Though, only with 55 percent of the use of the industrial production, Camagüey improved effectiveness pointers such as: the industrial yield and the total recovering.

This advance, besides the great availability of sugar plantations, permitted to reach 31 percent over the previous harvest production: one of the best along the Island during this season.

During the harvest, five plants supplied electrical power to the National Network, using as fuel the remains of the sugar plants for making work the steam boilers and the turbines.

The Sugar Company Group informed that the production reached 118 percent in relation to the total demand of this sector.

Camagüey was preceded in achieving the plan by provinces such as: Sancti Spíritus, Cienfuegos, and Pinar del Río.

Cuba accumulates an increase of 18 percent in relation to the harvest of 2007, while 52 mills began working during this season.

During the last weeks the price of the product at the World Market seemed to rise up (above the 12 cents per pound) while many consider that it is going to keep on growing.


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