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The Russian executive invest in remodelling KAMAZ trucks in Cuba
Russian and Cuban executives consider positive negotiations to resume exchange with Russia's heavy truck Corporation KAMAZ through the signing of new contracts.

At a business meeting with a delegation led by Transportation Minister Jorge Luis Sierra, Company General Director Kogogin lauded the resumption of active ties with the Cuban market.

Kogogin reminded previous experiences with company projects in Kazakstan, Iran, Vietnam and North Korea that also helped create jobs and technology transfer.

He added that the Federal government is interested in backing overseas trade and voiced support to Cuba as entry door to Latin America.

For his part, Cuban Minister Sierra mentioned as top priority reconstruction of a large number of KAMAZ trucks to extend their use, although we will have to buy new ones too.

The Cuban minister hopes the negotiations will lay the foundation for long-term collaboration based on the fact that we chose a partner that does not undergo a bid every year and expects in return fair prices.

The Transportation Minister will assess possible assembly of heavy vehicles through a network of service shops and will purchase tyres. Those are just some examples of what could KAMAZ do for Cuba.


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