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In Pinar del Rio, Cuba: San Cristobal Municipality Museum a Big Task for a Giant
The building, a piece of early XIX centurys colonial architecture in San Cristóbal, was formerly property of two merchants, and in 1975 it changed its utilitarian character and became a museum.

But in 1987, due to the lack of and some other reasons, it was closed, although during all these years its specialists dedicated to do a deep research work.

The museum indoors

Touring the facility, museologist Mayra Sajión Sánchez explained that the museum will have seven rooms. Two of them constitute an exhibit of decorative art set with pieces of late 19th and early 20th, which represented the life of San Cristobal families.

The repair and rehabilitation of the facility has been possible thanks to the cooperation of all the enterprises and entities of the territory, headed by the municipal government.

Plus, the contribution of the Historian Office and Provincial Heritage Center was vital for the repair and conservation of the pieces, stated Felina González, director of the cultural institution.

The Construction brigade of the territory was in charge of starting the repair works, assumed afterwards by "30 de Noviembre" Construction Brigade, wichi contributed to restore the doors, windows and all the carpentry.

According to Felina, most of the lamps are made by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods.

Despite being closed for 20 years, says the director, the museum has not lost any of its collections neither the objects, on the contrary it has increased the pieces to 4 000, which enhanced the work of the museum workers and is worth to highlight that it is the most important decorative art collection of the province with unique pieces.

The day of our visit they were at 90 percent of the conditions to mount the majority of the pieces to be exhibit and the furniture was completely restored.

The yard will be the ideal place for leisure activities and learning. Children, teenagers, youths and adults will have a space with various instructive activities that will revive the cultural life of the municipality.

San Cristóbal people will enjoy poetry, narration and other cultural activities aimed at strengthening identity, history and values formation and will also enjoy some walls that capture the history of their predecessors.


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